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Big Pot Making Workshops

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These workshops are a minimum of 3 days.  You will need some experience of throwing to join these classes, I would say at least a year of regular throwing or being able to centre 2kg of clay.  It sounds scary, but we tackle 5kg and 10kgs of clay, both tall and bowl shapes.  Techniques in throwing larger amounts of clay are very different from what you will be used to, but the experience benefits your general throwing immensely. 

Next Big Pot Workshop is 17th - 19th July

Lesley, pictured here on the left was making a bowl with 9kg of clay.  You can see that I have hold of her hands, guiding her.  She had this to say:

'Joanna's "hands on" teaching was just wonderful. It made so much difference to my throwing. I made a huge bowl and amazed myself.

Watch the video to get an idea of the demonstrations on a class.  I will give a detailed demo of each stage of the making process, and then plenty of individual help as you need it.

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