Joanna Howells' Potters Mark

Folds and Facets

First created in 2005. Porcelain thrown and altered.

The folds and facets are made with swift movements to create soft corners and sweeping lines.

Ash, chun, celadon and teadust glazes.



  • Jug - Chun Glazed
  • Jugs Crystal
  • Jug Crystal Glaze - Detail
  • Pillow Teapot
  • Hexagonal Pillow Box
  • 'Crinkle' Box Ash Glazed
  • 'Crinkle' Boxes Crystal Glazed
  • 'Pillow' Box Chun
  • Large Hexagonal 'Pillow' Box
  • Hexagonal 'Pillow' Box Crystal Glaze
  • Hexagonal 'Pillow' Boxes Teadust Glazed
  • 'Floe' Faceted Jar with silver handle
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