Artist's Statement


My work concentrates on form and texture. I make pieces that are simple yet have a softness, a freedom and a sculptural quality.

I work in porcelain, for its innate beauty and because its smoothness allows the use of subtle textures. The pieces are altered to both exploit and escape the soft cylinders and circles imposed by the wheel.

I'm often asked about sources of inspiration. When I was younger I'd say these ranged from Cycladic sculpture and Song dynasty porcelain to modern industrial artefacts. But the grappledome of the senses is complex, and I honestly cannot chart linear routes to these sources any longer. There is a clever and evasive reply to the question 'Where do you get your ideas from?' which is, 'If I knew, I'd go there'. All artists know, if only because they've been there, but the routes can be labyrinthine and the journey a very private affair.


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