All Fired Up - The Symbolism of Firing
This article is in issue no 68 of Ceramics Art and Perception. Issue no 68.

In ages CAP68earlier than our own, which were more keenly aware of symbolic correspondences, their feeling for this origin of clay in the earth, symbol for the most concrete objective reality, which was passed through fire, symbol for celestial transmutation, certainly contributed a great deal to people's feeling for ceramic art.'¹
Philip Rawson, 'Ceramics' pg23

To what extent have these symbolic correspondences changed or shifted from earliest times to our own? here {/boxplus}

CR CoverThis article "The Way We Live Now" appeared in Ceramic Review No. 215. Sept/Oct 2005

When selling a teapot recently I mentioned that I take care that my teapots should pour really well. 'I'm not going to use it. I use a teabag in a mug' was the response...{boxplus href="/images/writing/TWWLN article CR.pdf" title="ceramic review article"}click here
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